First look:

Aaron Eckhart in thriller ‘Muzzle’

The cast includes Stephen Lang, Diego Tinoco and Kyle Smithson. Producers are Broken Open Pictures’ David Frigerio, Stalberg Jr., Ford Corbett and Tim O’Hair.


First Look Photo: Aaron Eckhart As

LAPD K-9 Officer

Jake Rosser In MUZZLE

The cast also includes Stephen Lang (Twentieth Century Fox’s Avatar franchise, CBS’ “The Good Fight”) Diego Tinoco (Netflix’s “On My Block,” MTV’s “Teen Wolf”) and Kyle Smithson.


Music Monday Featured Artist: Kyle Smithson

Producer and actor Kyle Smithson 

pours his heart into a subject that many are aware of, but also don’t enjoy talking about. 


Kyle Smithson: Actor, Producer, Survivor

Drawn to the arts early on, Kyle Smithson's gift for self-expression and passion for expressive arts put the self-trained actor, producer and creator in the spotlight to share his vision as a natural. His pathway however, has not always been easy. In fact, for Kyle, it's been a long journey on the road to redemption.